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Why and How

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The beauty of nature,it's unparalleled, unique and timeless.

It always brings us unlimited thinking,let the thoughts put wings,and make our surroundings more beautiful and harmonious.

Wuhan Tina really can't find another natural material that can replace natural stone.

Why Choose TM-STONE?


Your Benefits(TM-STONE advantages)


  1. CHINA TM-STONE Professionalism and dedication

    What comes along with Wuhan Tina Import & Export Co.,Ltd. is an experienced,efficient and dedicated professional team.

    1)You will feel confortable and secure.Because you will enjoy a one-stop service from PI to CI,any messages and updates will keep you posted in time.

    2)You will see the spirit of our contract from the beginning to the end,any unqualified products are resolutely not sent,pls you can refer to our first News about.

    3)We have a R&D team to keep launching new products,then according different markets demands to make recommendation,also we offer customized service.

    4)We take customer demand as the fundamental,not to sell goods for purpose,to broaden and expand your market for the purpose of service.Not only be your another supplier,also your partner.

    5)Samples can be very glad to supply for you,as CHINA TM-STONE treasure every opportunity!


  2. CHINA TM-STONE Flexibility

    1)We often participate in various professional stone exhibitions in China and abroad,then we have good advange to contact a large number of customers.

       Collecting the first maket feedback info and grasping the actual pain point,then talking with mines and factory director for improvement ,finally you can get your satified products.

    2)For you to avoid risk,due to we always pay attention to China goverment policy information.

    3)There is no limited for the single supply chain,always enrich your needs time to time,CHINA TM-STONE products nearly cover the whole of China,great collections!

    4)In case of emergency case,we have ability to handle it in a coordinated way.


    How to install natural stone wall panels?

    Firstly let me introduce our stone products,they're used for internal and external wall decorations.

    Stone for internal wall decorations(not suitable for wet areas or rooms).

    Pls kindly keep it in a dry place to avoid separation and discolouration.

    Step 1: Dry-Fit the Tile

    Dry-fit the tile on top of the batten board to see if any cuts are required .

    Align the first/bottom row with a spirit level.


    Step 2: Mix the Thinset Adhesive

    Mix the   thinset tile adhesive according to the manufacturer's instructions. For

    a large tiling job, use a drill with a paddle bit   to mix a large quantity at once.

    Step 3: Apply the Thinset

    Installing the slate follows the same procedure as for any other tile: Apply

    thinset to the   wall with a 1/4"x1/4" square-notched trowel (Image 1), place the

    tile and wiggle it into place for maximum adhesion (Image 2). This   design

    doesn't use any grout; set the tiles flush with   each other on the wall.

    Note: If taking a break during tiling -- whether for lunch or to cut some custom

    tile shapes -- make sure to scrape any excess thinset off the walls so it doesn't

    dry on the wall.



    Step 4: Fit the Slate Around   the Fixtures

    The new bathroom design includes wall-mounted faucets and hardware. To fit

    the slate around these fixtures, line up the tile over the fixtures and mark the

    width on the tile. Then, measure the height   of the fixtures and mark the height.


    Step 5: Cut the Slate

    Use a wet saw to cut the slate as needed. To make holes for fixtures, first use

    the saw to cut at each edge of the material   to   be removed, going up to the

    height of the fixture. With these cuts done, run the tile through the saw several

    times to remove material between the edge cuts.


    Step 6: Apply Thin Set to Loose Slate Pieces

    If one of the stacked slate pieces comes away from the tile, butter the piece

    with thinset and set it in place when mounting the main tile.

    Step 7: Apply Thin Set to Pieces Around Fixtures

    For pieces that are cut to go around plumbing fixtures, butter the back of the

    tile with thinset instead of applying the adhesive to the wall. Place the tile and

    wiggle it into place to adhere.

    Step 8: Let the Adhesive Cure

    Once the tiling is complete, let the adhesive cure according to the

    manufacturer's instructions.

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